Mychailo Ivanovych Belyaev


Professor Belyaev M.I. is a living legend, an example of efficiency and purposefulness, great organizational skills, who has passed from cook apprentice to the director of thecanteens and restaurants trust in Belgorod, from graduate student to doctoral of technical science, rector of leading higher education establishment in catering industry of the Soviet period – Kharkiv Institute of Public Catering.

Mychailo Ivanovych Belyaev was born November 19, 1938 in the village of Nijniy Olshanets, Schebekinskyi district of Belgorod region in the farmer’s family. In 1941, when he was only 3 years old, his father – Ivan Mikhailovich Belyaev – died in the Great Patriotic War. Mikhail survived the war in the occupied Belgorod with his mother Martha Yakovlevna Belyaeva and his older sister Nadezhda Ivanovna Belyaeva.

In 1945 Mychailo Ivanovych had entered the first class of secondary school in the village of Maslova Prystan`, which was located 7 km away of the Nijniy Olshants. Every day, seven year old Mikhaylik overcame the way 14 km long, but did not miss a single day of classes. In 1995 Mykhailo successfully graduated from high school and entered the journalism faculty of the Kharkov Gorky State University.

But the study for the chosen specialty wasn`t destined. He was forced to return home for family reasons. But the dreaming of journalism and his ability to it had helped Mychailo Ivanovych in further research activities. All the works written by him are differed not only by highly scientific degree, but also by a vivid expression, body language and coherent structure.


The dream of journalism studying has changed into a studying at trade and culinary school of Belgorod, graduated by Mychailo Ivanovych in 1957. During his studies, he had worked in various production capacities inherent in food businesses, ranging from cooks apprentice, and after graduating from culinary school he was hired in Belgorod City Canteens, Cafes and Restaurants Trust as head of canteen № 8. And 6 years later, in 1963, he was appointed the director of Belgorod City Canteens, Cafes and Restaurants Trust.

Simultaneously with manufacturing activity Mychailo Ivanovych continued to improve his own education. From 1957 until 1962 he studied by correspondence at the Moscow Institute of National Economy of GV Plekhanov on specialty “Equipment and technology of public catering “. After graduating from college with a honored diploma, Mychailo Ivanovych becomes the only among graduates to be recommended for admission to graduate school by decision of the MINH Academic Council MINH of GV Plekhanov.


In 1962 he entered part-time postgraduate school. But before this there was very big and important event in his life. In 1958 to the canteen №8, where he worked as the head, a young graduate Romanova Lydia Mikhailovna of the same GV Plekhanov Institute arrived for working as an engineer. A talented engineer, charming and attractive woman, Lydia Mikhailovna immediately was liked by Mikhail Ivanovich. The production sympathy eventually grew into a deep sense of love. In December 1961 the couple married. And from that time until his death Lidia Mikhailovna was the only love, beloved wife, reliable friend and true guardian angel for Mychailo Ivanovych.

Mychailo Ivanovych started working on his thesis immediately on a part-time graduate study. His scientific director was PhD, professor, head of Department of catering equipment in Moscow Plekhanov Institute of National Economy – Alexander Vysheleskyy – a talented and experienced teacher, scientist, which Mychailo Ivanovych called his real Teacher. He was the one Mychailo Ivanovych devoted one of its basic educational works – «Catering equipment. V.3. Thermal equipment» published after FOTO1 Вышелесскийthe death of professor A. Vysheleskyy.

The work over the thesis lasted from 1962 to 1969. And in February, 1969 Mychailo Ivanovych defended his dissertation for the degree of Ph.D. «Research and justification of technological and heat transfer characteristics of electronic frying pans for catering».

In the summer of 1969 Mychailo Ivanovych Belyaev is invited to work in the Kharkiv Institute of Public Catering as a head of a new Department of catering equipment. Belgorod City Canteens, Cafes and Restaurants Trust with great regret parted with him, because during six years of his supervising Mychailo Ivanovych took the Trust out from lagging to leading positions. During this time trust`s stuff repeatedly became winner of socialist competition among trade organizations of the city and the region, was awarded with moveable Red Banner, Diplomas and so on. Mychailo Ivanovych himself was awarded with badges «Excellence in Soviet Trade» and «Excellence in Socialist Competition».


But the invitation to the Kharkiv Institute of Public Catering opened up new prospects and Mychailo Ivanovych agreed without hesitation. And from August 1969 and until his death he worked only KIPC.

The work in the Institute began with the establishment of a new Department – Catering Equipment. Mychailo Ivanovych was its founder and undisputed leader within 22 years – until 1991 – the year of his death. He hired Department employees himself, on the criteria that were known only to him. The main ones were hard work, rigor, love for his work and certainly to students. He set his subordinates to the only goal – to be always the first and the best.

In 1971, at the age of 34 years, Mychailo Ivanovych was approved in the academic range of associate professor. The incipience of Department, as well as launching of his scientific school occurs on the beginning of the seventies. From the first days in the institute he looked after the talented students and the most talented were attracted at first to the scientific work at the department, and after graduation – were invited to work as teachers of faculty and staff of the scientific-research sector of the Institute. At the same time according to the results of scientific studies scientific articles, first monographs and textbooks are published, scientific conferences are conducted. At the same time he begins working at his doctoral thesis.

FOTO10In 1976 MI Belyaev was awarded with the “Badge of Honor” for excellence in teaching and research work.

Significant results of scientific work have not gone unnoticed. In 1978 Mychailo Ivanovych Belyaev was presented to the Minister of Trade of USSR about the offer of his election as scientific pro-rector of the Institute. So in nine years after the start of his work he becomes scientific pro-rector of KIPC.

In June 1981 in the special council of Odessa Lomonosov Technological Institute of Food Industry Mychailo Ivanovych Belyaev defends his thesis for the degree of Doctor of Science. Next year at the age of 43 he receives the title of Professor.


Becoming a head of science at the Institute Mychailo Ivanovych united scientists of all departments and directed their activities to the theoretical and experimental research on comprehensive improvement of the food service industry, increasing of its relevance and credibility in the country. At that time line ministries identified Kharkov institute of Public Catering as leading Universitiy of the Soviet Union in matters of country catering scientific improvement and training of highly qualified specialists for the industry.

In March 1988, at the beginning of the famous restructuring, the first democratic election of the rector occurred at the Kharkiv Institute of Public Catering. One of the two candidates for the rector position was Professor Belyaev MI. He has prepared his own program, which covered all areas of university without exception and outlined its development prospects for the next decade. His speech took everyone by its validity, significance, complexity and depth of the look into future. And the logical result of the election was that the almost absolute majority of the members of the KIPC Scientific Council named Mychailo Belyaev the first elected and not appointed rector of the institute.

FOTO11AAfter the rector election the most intense phase in the life of the institute staff had begun. At this time a new rector is trying to implement every item of his program. At this period the own postgraduate studies were opened, two new faculties – Mechanical and Management – were organized, opening of new educational and scientific laboratories was occurred, the Nutrition plant was founded and almost built, research and production department of non-waste poultry processing technology was established. His own Equipment Department, to which he had given many years of his life, with aim of faculties and disciplines development at the Institute, Mychailo Ivanovych divided into four, organizing the new departments: processing, equipment and automation of food production, refrigeration and commercial equipment, labor protection and ecology of food production. The experts from other universities, research institutions not only from Kharkiv, but also from other regions were invited to work in the institute. The work of Professor Belyaev scientific school was dynamic and effective, each year 3-4 new PhD defended thesis defenses, first doctoral thesis defections occurred. In 1991 professor Belyaev becomes first among catering specialists of the Soviet Union who was awarded the title of Corresponding Member of Lenin Union Academy of Agricultural sciences. In this way the government has acknowledged the merits of Mychailo Ivanovych and Institute staff, which he leaded.

БЕЛЯЕВ1He had so many plans for the future. But it was not on the cards. In October 1991, during a business trip to Mongolia Mychailo Ivanovych Belyaev prematurely died. Fate gave him only 53 years of life. But in this short period he had made so much that it will not be enough a hundred years for the other person. Scientific, educational and human heritage of Mychailo Ivanovych is deep, multifaceted and relevant all the 22 years that he is not with us.

First of all it is significant for the food service industry, and now – the restaurant industry. Previously all researches devoted to catering, were some way apart, without any deep systematization, and the scientific school of MI Belyaev created fundamental principles that brought the public catering on a par with other sectors of food technology. Based on the fundamental studies that were performed under the guidance and with direct involvement of MI Belyaev, the formation of scientific and technical areas of the industry occurred, the results of his work expanded theoretical understanding of the physical, chemical, technological and technical nature of restaurant production.

The most important researches of Belyaev science school were leaded in the following areas:

• justification of technological and heat transfer characteristics of traditional restaurant industry equipment and intensification of heat treatment;
• research of the new processes in food production and development of high-performance apparats for their implementation;
• creation of theoretical foundations of food thermal processing combined methods and the development of their classification regarding the thermal catering equipment;
• study of new combined heat treatment processing methods, creation of innovative devices designs for their implementation and determination of their thermal characteristics;
• development of low-waste and non-waste technologies of raw meat processing and creation of a new range of semi-finished meat products with a high degree of readiness;
• complex non-waste processing of agricultural bird into culinary and canned products;
• development of resource-saving raw milk processing technologies, the use of protein-carbohydrate raw milk for the production of semi-finished and finished culinary products of high nutritional value;
• creation of technologies of canned semi-finished herbal products with multi-purpose;
• study of the secondary raw materials recycling processes in catering;
• improvement of quality control methods in institutions of restaurant industry.


As a result of studies that were leaded by definite directions and at the direct guidance of prof. Belyaev 5 doctoral and 44 postgraduate theses were defended.
The scientific research results of MI Belyaev and his school are reflected in many published scientific papers, most important are the monographs “The improvement of food thermal processing in catering”, “Thermal processes and quality of products in catering”, “The production of flour confectionary products in catering”, “The production of semi-products for catering “,« Industrial technologies of products manufacturing in catering “,” Theoretical fundamentals of combined methods of food products thermal processing “, manuals ” Technological equipment of the catering enterprises “,” Catering equipment. V.3. Thermal equipment “,” Organization of manufacturing and service in catering”.

Professor Belyaev MI was experienced and knowledgeable methodist, his methodological developments are still relevant today. Scientific researches of Belyaev`s school were continuously implemented into the educational process and were used in a variety of academic disciplines during theoretical and practical specialists training of engineering directions, such as catering equipment, processes and apparats of food production, catering technology, organization of public catering. By the persistent suggestions of Mychailo Ivanovych the laboratory practice for engineering students was replenished with works of combined methods of food thermal processing analysis, production of semi-finished products with high degree of readiness, design of manufactory catering departments with EVS MO and so on. He initiated the creation of the first in catering manual “Diploma Design”, which came out of the press after the death of Mychailo Ivanovych.

Professor MI Belyaev was an active promoter of science among practitioners and the public. He lectured on topics of its own scientific school research areas in universities in USSR and abroad, made talks for workers of food production, food and related industries. Promotional activities of MI Belyaev as the leader of the famous scientific school was inextricably linked with its social activities as co-head of the Kharkiv regional branch of the Society of the struggle for peace, a member of the editorial board of the magazine “News of universities. Food technology “, a member of specialized councils for doctoral theses defense.

High authority of MI Belyaev and his scientific school, as well as active promotional activity concerning the realization of its scientific development, was a good incentive to implement these developments in practice, production, teaching activity of colleagues.

The establishment and operation of MI Belyaev`s scientific schools took place on the ground of openness, democratic principles of scientific findings discussion, involving other scientific schools into joint researches.

All-union scientific conferences and seminars organized by Mychailo Ivanovych and held in Kharkiv were very popular during his life. There were organized and held six of these events devoted to the problems of catering industrialization, the impact of thermal processing on the nutritional value of food, the training of specialists for the catering industry. Researchers, teachers, practitioners of all former Soviet republics took part in these conferences.

The unconditional recognition of merits of MI Belyae`s the scientific school and Kharkiv Institute of Public Catering as a leading higher education institution in solving of the catering industry problems in the country becomes the fact that the line ministries of the ex-USSR and RSFSR entrusted KIPC`s stuff the preparation of conclusions on awarding the plant “Vafovets” of Riga city with the State Prize of the USSR and the plant “Ural” of Sverdlovsk electromechanical factory with State Prize of the RSFSR.

Heritage of MI Belyaev it`s first of all his students including 8 doctors, 44 PhDs, about 10 thousand professionals of restaurant business, trade, food industry, working not only in Ukraine but also in many other countries. According to the results of MI Belyaev`s researches 7 monographs, 8 textbooks and manuals are published, 117 patents for inventions are received. The walls of our educational establishment were a home for MI Belyaev the last 22 years of his life. Everything here reminds him – departments, faculties, classes and laboratories he founded and created, students he showed way in life and who works now at the University as assistant professors, professors, heads of departments, deans, pro-rectors, rector.

After the death of Mychailo Ivanovych the staff of our establishment under the guidance of his closest student – Alexander Cherevko – worthy continued all the cases began by MI Belyaev. Time flies very quickly, 22 years since the death of Mychailo Ivanovych passed like a moment. It seems only yesterday he set before us the task concerning the future development of Kharkiv Institute of Public Catering. And now, on the day of his 75th anniversary, we can say that his dreams and plans are mostly implemented.

During this time we became the Academy and since 2002 received the status of Kharkiv State University of Food Technology and Trade. Today the University is one of the leading universities of Ukraine with the fourth accreditation level. The university prepares bachelors and masters in 19 specialties. During this time12 new specialties are licensed and accredited, teaching and counseling centers in cities Pervomaisk, Sevastopol and Dnipropetrovsk were created and are successfully preparing specialists. Total number of students has increased significantly and now it counts about 7,000 students of full-time and distance learning.

Post-university training, which involves not only advanced training and postgraduate education in 5 specialties, but also postgraduate studies at 8 specializations and doctoral studies at 5 specializations, gained it`s further development. For certification of highly qualified personnel there are 3 specialized academic council for the postgraduate and doctoral theses defense of 7 specialties in the university.

During this time, 14 new departments were established in the university, 46 doctors, professors, almost 200 PhDs and associate professors are working at the departments today.

Today our University is recognized abroad as one of the leading universities. Currently the university cooperates with related universities, organizations and firms in the USA, Germany, France, Russia, Romania, Poland, Spain, Great Britain, Greece and Turkey.

The university has about 200 foreign students from Russia, Turkmenistan, China, Iran, India, Nepal, Algeria.

The memory of professor Mykhaylo Ivanovich Belyaev is always alive at the University. His name is given to the courtroom of the university academic councils where his bust is established. In the museum of the University there is a separate booth devoted to Mykhaylo Ivanovich, which displays some of his personal belongings, diplomas, certificates, awards of honorary titles and state awards. The university had established annual scholarships of MI Belyaev, which is awarded to the best student of engineering faculties. The department of catering equipment he had created and headed for a long timewas renamed in his honor from October 2013. From now it`s a Department of the food and hotel industry equipment of M.I. Belyaev.

Today we – his colleagues and students – can confidently assure that the memory of our Master, the great scholar and an outstanding teacher – professor Mykhaylo Ivanovich Belyaev – will live in our hearts forever.