History of foundation

1969 – the year of foundation equipment department at the institute catering. First head becomes a young, 30 – year old promising candidate of technical sciences Mikhail Belyaev. Since then, members of the department constantly engaged in technical training industry professionals. In the department 3 academics: Fedorov Igor Mikolajovich, Petrova Ninel Fyodorovna, Ryzhova Nelly Victorivna. The department was located in the premises of the building of the Institute on the street Chernyshevsky.

In 1970-1973 years the academics staff of department of equipment enterprises of catering  is filled up by new specialists. At the end of Engineering – technical faculty in Department comes Kashyrtsev V.I., Odarchenko N.S., Titov A.N., Levyk V.A., Popov L.M., as well as experts from other universities and manufacturing: Kogan P.Y, Kiptela L.V, Kuprin B.P ., Berezyuk M.V., Galliy E.R. The laboratories of department are located in the basement on the street Dzerzhinsky at that time.

Between 1974-1977 years a department is updated by the new graduates of own university: Safonov V.V., Mikhno Y.O., Cherevko A.I., Simovyan S.V., Postnov G.M., Efimovа V.O., Afukovа N.A., and also by specialists from others universities: Saroyavoyu E.A., Shaposhnikov T.B., Kuznetsov S.N. Teaching staff of department – 23 men. A department also invites teachers from other institutions of higher learning and production. Disciplines of department are read to the students of all faculties of institute: technological, economic, commodity expert, record-keeping on the daily, in absentia and evening forms of studies. During this period (in 1976) for successes in educational and scientific work, head of department Belyaev Mykhajlo Ivanovich was awarded by an order “Badge of Honor”. In 1978, the department gets new laboratories on the street Klochkovskaya, that are equipped by modern training stands, technological, refrigeration and weighing equipment. In the same year head of the department Belyaev M.I., becomes a pro-rector from scientific work, in 1981 he defended doctoral dissertation, and the next year he was awarded by the title of professor.

In March 1988, in Kharkiv Institute of public food consumption, were the first democratic elections of the first rector of the institute. One of the candidates was Belyaev N.I., which became the first elected rector. In the same year allocated into separate departments: Department of processes, devices and automation of food production, safety and ecology.

In August 1990, was founded engineering – Mechanical Department, at the initiative of Institute rector Belyaev N.I., which trains specialists in specialty “Machines and apparatus of food production.” Department of equipment becomes one of leading on the mechanical engineering faculty and actively participates in preparation of specialists of engineers – mechanics of food productions. Head of Department Belyaev MI in 1991 was elected a member – correspondent of Agricultural Sciences.

In the nineties, after the death of Mikhail Ivanovich, Department was ruled by associate professor Kashyrtsev V.I., Professor Safonov V.V., professor Pakhomov P.L. In the same period the department of refrigeration technique and refrigeration technology is distinguished in independent unit. Lector’s equipment are working on the seven departments of the University.

From 1996 to the present staff of the department headed by the Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Deynychenko Grigory Victorovich. Staff constantly changing, replacing the first academics comes a new generation of young scientists.

In October 2014 the Department that long time was called “catering equipment” was the submission of leadership of the university renamed the «Department of the food and hotel industry equipment of M.I. Belyaev».