Educational process

Department of the equipment of the food and hotel industry named after Belyaev carries out educational work in accordance with the principles established by the Law of Ukraine “On Higher Education”, the order of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine “On the introduction of the European Credit Transfer System in higher educational institutions of Ukraine”, the Charter of KSUFTT, the Program for the Innovative Development of Educational Activities until 2016 and the Concept the educational activity of KSUFTT, the Regulations “On the organization of the educational process in KSUFTT”, approved by the Academic Council of the University.
The educational process at the department is based on the principles of accessibility, systematicity, openness, scholarship, humanism, democracy, continuity, the creation of conditions for lifelong education, the national character of education, international integration, independence from the interference of any political parties, other public and religious organizations.
The educational process is organized taking into account the scientific and pedagogical potential of the department, educational and methodological and material and technical basis, modern information technologies. It is oriented towards the formation of an educated and harmoniously developed personality capable of continuous updating of scientific knowledge, professional mobility and quick adaptation to dynamic processes in the educational, social and cultural spheres, branches of technology and technologies.
Teachers of the Department conduct classes at all faculties of the University and at the Educational and Scientific Institute of Food Technologies and Business. The work of teachers is multifaceted. According to the results of research work published textbooks, monographs, teaching aids, scientific articles, methodical developments, etc. New dissertation works are protected. Students take part in reports at student university conferences and other universities of Ukraine. The department always contacts with the leading enterprises of the industry: the leading specialists of these enterprises take part in the educational process.
The department always pays great attention to organizational, methodical work. All disciplines of the department are equipped with the necessary educational and methodological developments. Teachers of the department constantly increase their skills and scientific qualification. The teachers of the department pay a lot of attention to educational work, working as curators of the groups at the Faculty of equipment and technical service.
The department teaches 16 disciplines at present:
• Equipment in the industry;
• Thermal equipment;
• Mechanical equipment;
• Technical ways of customs control;
• Equipment of establishments of hotel and restaurant business;
• Equipment of trade company;
• Designing and technical equipment of food companies;
• Engineering in the restaurant industry;
• Packaging materials and equipment in the food industry;
• Practical implementation of innovative developments;
• Technical information in modern engineering education;
• Intellectual ownership;
• Methodology of scientific research;
• Patent science;
• Using of ultrasound in the food industry;
• Non-waste technology of food raw materials.
The following teaching methods are used at the department:
• methods of organization and implementation of educational activities: verbal (narrative, conversation, lecture), visual (demonstration), practical, reproductive and problematic, independent work and work under the direction of a teacher;
• methods of stimulating and motivating study: methods of forming interest (cognitive games, analysis of problem situations), methods of forming responsibility in education (clarification of social and personal significance of teaching, presentation of pedagogical requirements);
• methods of control and self-control (spoken and written control, laboratory and practical work, machine and non-manual programmed control in the form of tests, frontal and differentiated, current and final).
In order to provide methodological support for the graduation design, the teaching staff of the department developed and issued a textbook on graduate design. The purpose of this textbook is to assist students in designing modern equipment for catering and food industries, engineering, environmental, economic and other parts of the diploma project, formalizing the text and graphic part of the project according to the current normative documentation and requirements of the higher school.
A new direction in improving the quality of training specialists at the Faculty of Food and Hotel Industry named after Belyaev became the implementation of the project “Integrated qualifying graduation work” (IQGW). IQGW is an experimental innovative technology.
Complex graduation paper is one of the forms of completion of student education, covering the main issues of general-professional, special disciplines and disciplines of specialization.
IQGW performed by several students. In the organization and method of implementation of a complex diploma project, the joint activity of lecturers of graduating departments, their focus on a single final result of training specialists, the unified requirements for students’ perception and mastering of educational material, and the intensification of their independent work are decisive.
For the last three years during the graduation diploma campaign specialists of the graduating departments of KSUFTT – departments of the equipment of the food and hotel industry named after Belyaev and nutrition department SSIFTB – implement innovative projects for the protection of IQGW, implemented by students of two specialties – 05050313 – equipment for processing and food industries and 05170112 – food technologies. A complex graduate projects were developed at the qualification level “specialist” in the past years. Under the leadership of the specialists of two departments, complex qualification work of masters was developed for the first time in 2015.
In addition, another innovation was the complex qualification work was developed on the order of a practical branch company – a factory for the production of dessert products of “Chigrinov” LLC Typhoon Corporation, Kharkiv. So the presentation of these complex works took place for the first time on the production areas of the customer’s corporation.
The defense of complex qualification works of masters took place on June 18, 2015 in the hall of meetings of the main office of the corporation “Typhoon”.
The rector of the Kharkiv State University of Nutrition and Trade Professor O.I. Cherevko and the first vice-rector of the university professor Yancheva L.M. was invited directly to defend the complex qualification work of the masters. Before the beginning of the defense, the leadership of the university graduate students and all present was congratulated by the president of the «Typhoon corporation» Zaytsev V.V. He noted the importance and usefulness of the event for both KSUFTT and Typhoon Corporation and emphasized that the implementation of the “education-science-business” cycle is the most effective and promising form of development and implementation of innovative food technologies.
The masters with their reports, presentations of works, formulated conclusions, answers to the questions proved not only their high qualification but also the expediency of the integrated approach to the development and introduction of modern innovations in the food industry and restaurant industry.
The department has highly qualified specialists. All teachers of the department once in 5 years undergo advanced training. The purpose of teaching teachers is to improve the professional training of a person by deepening and expanding his professional knowledge, skills and abilities, gaining experience of performing additional tasks and responsibilities within the specialty.
Teachers of the Department receive advanced training in higher educational institutions and organizations both in Ukraine and near and far abroad: National University of Food Technologies (Kyiv), Poltava University of Economics and Trade (Poltava), “Luhansk National University named after Taras Shevchenko (Starobelsk), Donetsk National University of Economics and Trade (Kryvyi Rih), Inter-branch Institute for Personnel Training at NTU “KPI” (Kharkiv), etc.
Head of the Department Dr.Sci., Prof. Deynichenko G.V. took part in the work of the First International Scientific and Practical Conference “Ukraine-EU. Modern Technologies, Economics and Law “at the Koshice Technical University (Slovakia). Within the framework of the conference there was a course of advanced training in the direction of “Distance Learning”.
One of the important means of professional development is the participation of faculty in the work of scientific and methodological conferences held at the university and related universities. The aim is to exchange experience in scientific research, organizational and methodological work.
During the last years the staff of the department participated in the All-Ukrainian scientific and methodical conference “Modernization of higher education and the problem of quality management of specialists training. Scientific and Information Support for the Educational Process “, held at the Kharkiv State University of Nutrition and Trade. Docent Gorel’kov D.V. spoke at a plenary session with a presentation on “Conceptual approaches to the use of information databases of intellectual property during the formation of competent skills of specialists in the food and hotel industry”. All teachers of the department prepare the abstracts for the conference in the areas of discipline they teach, and present papers on the topics of the sections. According to the results of the conference, teachers’ approaches and means of improving the educational process were discussed and adopted as promising for implementation, and some of them have already been introduced into the educational process of the KSUFTT.
The teachers of the department took part in the work of the International scientific and methodical conference “Modern problems of the technosphere and training of engineers, M.Sus (Tunisia), the International scientific and methodical conference” Prospects for the development of higher education “at the Grodno State Agricultural University, Grodno (Republic of Belarus ), The International Scientific and Methodological Conference “Quality Management of Specialist Training” at the Odessa State Academy of Civil Engineering and Architecture, Odessa and others.
In general, the work of teachers focuses on the prospect of studying best practices and creative approaches to improving the organization of the learning process, the introduction of new teaching technologies, etc.