WACS World Congress in Thessaloniki

From 24 to 27 September 2016 in Greece, Thessaloniki, the 44th Congress of the World Association of Chefs Societies was held with the participation of the delegation from 86 countries. A delegation of Association of Chefs of Ukraine visiting the Congress included experts from KSUFTT: Head of KSUFTT, prof. Cherevko Alexander, head of the department of food and hotel industry equipment named after M.I.Belyayev, prof. Deinychenko Grygorii and professor of the department of hotel and restaurant business Maliuk Lyudmila .
World Association of Chefs Societies was founded in October 1928 at the Paris Sorbonne. It represents a non-governmental professional organization dedicated to preserving and improving the culinary standards of the world. Working forms of WACS include educational programs, training, professional development and improvement of chefs-members of the national culinary associations. Today WACS consists of 105 countries – members of the national associations of chefs representing over 10 million professional chefs from all around the world. Association of Chefs of Ukraine is a member of WACS since 2002.

For the first time for 86 years of history WACS Congress was held in the country Mediterranean pool. Nearly 1,000 delegates – professionals in restaurant industry – gathered in Thessaloniki. In the cadres of Congress there were a lot of different events: exhibitions of modern equipment for restaurant management, culinary competitions, round tables, presentations of world renowned culinary schools and so on. Congress contained a large educational program for young people, particularly within it passed the World Competition for Young Chefs (younger than 25 years), which was founded several decades ago by the world-famous chef from the South African Republic, who many years was a president of WACS – Bill Gallagher (Bill Gallagher Young Chefs Forum).

The delegation of the Association of Chefs of Ukraine participated in large number of events during the congress. In particular, the delegation members visited the Food Fair of the leading food producers of Greece, the exhibition of modern equipment for restaurant management organized by company Electrolux, took part in an international master class of testing new vapor-convection equipment brand of company Technotel SA, attended the competition for young chefs of Bill Gallagher Young Chefs Forum and Global chef Challenge final – the final competition of worldwide leading chefs, during which competed 10 best chefs in the world who have participated in numerous competitions in all continents throughout the year.

Especially memorable was a parade of world chefs who passed with their national flags in a one column along the waterfront of Termaikos bay of Aegean sea in Thessaloniki from the famous historical place – the White Tower – to the city’s seaport.

WACS Congress provided an excellent opportunity to thoroughly learn the peculiarities of Greek cuisine, to see the work of local chefs in authentic conditions, to approach the culture and traditions of Greece, which for four days was the center of world cuisine. Members of Congress have repeatedly stressed that national culinary arts is an integral part of national culture of any country.
According to the results of the participation in the WACS Congress Association of Chefs of Ukraine plans to hold a series of measures to bring information about the results of the Congress to the national culinary community, to promote modern world trends of restaurant business in our country and to improve the forms and methods of preparation of restaurant business experts in Ukraine.