The Protection of the doctoral dissertation by Yudina Tetyana

On October 28, 2016, at the meeting of the Specialized Academic Council D 26.055.02 of the Kiev National University of Trade and Economics was defended a dissertation for obtaining the degree of Doctor of Technical Sciences in the specialty 05.18.16 – technology of food products by a doctoral student of the department, Yudina Tatyana. The title of the dissertation work – SCIENTIFIC BASIS OF TECHNOLOGIES OF STRUCTURED CULINARY PRODUCTS WITH THE USE OF BUTTERMILK CONCENTRATES. Scientific consultant – Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, Honored Worker of Science and Technology of Ukraine Deinychenko G.
In the dissertation the author has proved the expediency of buttermilk concentrates using in the technologies of structured culinary products to enhance its technological stability and nutritional value. It was scientifically substantiated and developed the models of technological processes for the preparation of a dry milk-protein concentrate of buttermilk and an ultrafiltration concentrate of buttermilk with the use of membranes of the type GR. The composition, technological parameters and production regimes were examined with experimental methods and methods of modeling, as well as technologies of emulsion sauces, milk-vegetable stuffings, milk-protein semi-finished products and semi-finished products for whipped dessert products on the basis of buttermilk concentrates.
The complex of indicators confirmed the complete safety of the developed semi-finished products, justified the modes and terms of their storage, new technologies using the developed semi-finished products were offered and existing ones were improved.
During the scientific discussion with the official opponents, members of the specialized scientific council marked a high level of dissertation as well as of the competitor of a scientific degree. Scientists who were present at the defense underscored the actuality of the topic of the dissertation, the high scientific level of its execution, great practical and social significance of work. The leading ukrainian experts in dietetic nutrition underscored the usefulness of the developed products and practically unlimited range of its use in therapeutic, preventive, dietary nutrition. The logical result of the discussion was the unanimous positive vote of the members of the specialized academic council for giving to Tatyana the scientific degree of the doctor of technical sciences.
The staff of the Department of food and hotel industry equipment named after M.I.Belyayev congratulates Tatiana Yudina on the successful defense of the dissertation work! We wish you, dear Tatyana, good health, peace, prosperity, new creative successes, family happiness, well-being and harmony!
And sometimes the defense of the doctoral may be such …