The defense of specialist diploma projects by students of full-time and part-time study of FETS KSUFTT

In the period from 14 to 17 June 2016 at the Faculty of Equipment and Technical Service was held the defense of specialist diploma projects by students of group MZ-10 VI course of the part-time department and group M-11 V year of full-time department of FETS on specialty 7.050503313 – equipment of processing and food industries.
The defense of degree project is the result of a fruitful and persistent education of each student at the university. During the procedure of defense the future specialist must demonstrate the whole range and volume of knowledge that he received during the study. The presentation of the degree project for the State Examination Commission allows graduate students to show their creative and professional skills, acquired professional qualities and skills obtained while studding on FETS regardless of the form and duration of study.
It should be noted that the defense of degree projects was held on a high professional level. Future engineers demonstrated the appropriate level of theoretical and practical skills of projects development, dedicated to the creation of new and improvement of existing hardware and process lines of food production, upgrading of certain types of restaurant business equipment, food production and so on. An important factor which undoubtedly influenced on a high degree of projects implementation was their close relationship with the companies, where part-time students employed and work of full-time students, who performed their degree projects according to the needs of existing enterprises. Confirmation of quality of prepared work and successful defense was the fact, that all students received only excellent and good marks.
From the 28 students of groups MZ-10 and M-11 10 students performed degree projects under the supervision of teachers of the Department of food and hotel industry equipment of M.I. Belyaev, the best of them were: V.V. Poluk (supervisor- prof. Postnov G.M.), Meleschenko L.M. (supervisor – Assoc. prof. Zolotukhina I.V.), Slinko I.V. (supervisor – Assoc. prof. Dub V.V.), Bilenko M.V.(supervisor – Assoc. prof. Horielkov D.V.).
Staff of the Department congratulates part-time and full-time graduate students of FETS with a successful defense of specialist diploma projects and wishes them professional growth on career steps and inspiration in solving engineering problems!