The defense of bachelor of diploma projects by students of FETS

At the end of each academic year at the faculty of equipment and technical service of Kharkiv State University of Food Technologies and Trade is held the state certification of students by means of defending their diploma projects. In June 2016 there was a meeting of the State Examination Commission of the Faculty of equipment and technical services, where 21-22 June part-time study students and 23-24 June full-time study students level of training “Bachelor” defended their diploma projects. Professor G.N. Postnov was a member of the SEC from the Department of the food and hotel industry equipment of M.I. Belyaev.
Students-mechanics performed their first diploma projects in various fields that are relevant for the food industry:
– Technical equipment of lines for production of vegetable and meat semi-products for catering;
– Technical equipment for procurement enterprises;
– Technical equipment and design of restaurant enterprises;
– Technical equipment of departments for culinary and confectionery products production.
An important part of Bachelors diploma projects is linked with the research work of the Department and industry.
Thus, the student of group MZ-24pr. Kulakov V.S. completed Bachelor diploma project entitled “Technical equipment of production line for poultry semi-products”; student of group M-12 Pleshko V.R. presented a project entitled “Technical equipment of production line for semi-finished meat products”, where have been applied scientific developments of processing of raw meat with different origins (supervisor – prof. Postnov G.M.).
Student Klyvetskyi E.O. made bachelor diploma project entitled “Project of machine-apparatus line for manufacturing production of potatoes,” where have been applied researches and developments of cutting units of cleansing mechanisms (supervisor – Associate Professor Dub V.V.).
At the defense of the bachelor degree projects students showed good knowledge and skills in equipment design, construction and power calculations, technological aspects of raw materials processing and production of culinary and confectionery products, as evidenced by the received excellent marks.
Department of the food and hotel industry equipment of M.I. Belyaev congratulates all bachelors with successful defense of their diploma projects and waits for them in the next academic year to study for degrees “specialist” and “master”.