Second edition of the textbook “Catering equipment. Practicum “

Титул справочник 2The manual “Catering equipment. Practicum. Part 2. Thermal equipment” is out of print. The manual was prepared by the collective authorship consisted of Ph.D., professor Deinychenko G.V., Ph.D., professor Afukova N.A., Ph.D., professor Postnov G.M., Ph.D., associate professor Dmytrevskyy D., Ph.D., associate professor Chervonyi V. and published by the Kyiv publishing house “INKOS”.
This is the first edition of laboratory practicum on the equipment of food industries enterprises since Ukraine’s independence. The manual is written on the basis of years of experience in laboratory practical works in the Department of food and hotel equipment named after M.I.Belyayev KSUFTT.
The Grief of Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine is obtained for the manual (letter MESU N1 / 11-8909 from 10.06.14.).
In the manual are given general guidelines that include methods and rules of realization of laboratory studies on restaurant business thermal equipment. Each laboratory study consists of theoretical part with the information about classification, purpose, structure, rules of operation of a certain group of modern thermal equipment and practical part that students must do. The methods of the heat balance calculating and technical and economic indicators of certain types of heat-generating devices of thermal equipment are proposed, the safety measures while working with this equipment are provided. To consolidate and better understand the material different questions, tests and situational tasks are given at the end of each laboratory work.
The manual is intended for students studying on directions 6.050502 “Engineering Mechanics”, 6.051701 “Food Technology and Engineering” for all forms of education.