Protection of diploma projects of bachelor students by the Faculty of Equipment and Technical Services

The month of June has always been the month of bringing the results of long-term training of young and talented students of mechanical engineering faculty. Thus, on 7, 13, 15, 21, 22 of June 2017, the defense of the diploma projects of the bachelor of groups MP-12, MP-24, M-13, M-25. In the defense of the State Examination Commission, diploma projects of the bachelor’s degree were presented in different directions, which correspond both to the scientific directions of the department, and to new areas of development of the food industry, which are of interest to young specialists. Students of groups of correspondence form of education MP-12, MP-24 Babenko M..S, Protsenko O.I, Didenko A.V., Kirichenko Y.O. presented diploma projects on scientific directions of processing of vegetable raw materials and meat raw materials, students Shapovalov SV, Pupenko Ye.V. and Pisarenko P.V. presented the developments for small processing enterprises and restaurant industry.
Students-bachelors of full-time study M-13 and M-25 groups presented graduation projects also in different directions of their scientific and practical activities. Students of the group M-13 Guli A.V. and Shiyan P.E. defended the diploma projects devoted to the regional development of the processing industry in the Kharkiv region, namely projects for the processing of pond fish and the production of smoked meat products, students Osik M.S. and Sumtsova I.V. devoted their projects to developing new equipment for restaurants. Students Kalbak V.V. and Topchiy AV The accelerated form of training of the M-25 group showed the results of the diploma design in the field of development of restaurant facilities, and their colleagues Gapich M.A., Bondar O.O., Doroshenko O.O. Maximenko M.M. defended diploma projects in the modern directions of the development of the food industry: the production of margarine, corn snakes, fish cuisine, etc.
According to the work of the commission, the best diploma projects recognized: diploma project Shapovalova S.V. on the theme “Improvement of the process of mechanization of bread production with the modernization of the design of the dough machine” (supervisor – D.Sc., Prof. Deynichenko G.V.), diploma project, Protsenko O.I. on the topic “Technical equipment of the shop for the production of vegetable semi-finished products” (supervisor – Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor Dmitrevsky D.V.), diploma project on the “Hardware design of the shop for the production of fish culinary products” Didenko A.V. (leader – Ph.D., Prof. Postnov G.M.), diploma project Gul’ko A.V. on the topic “Technical equipment of the processing plant for pond fish” (supervisor – Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor Chervonii V.M.), diploma project Osyka M.S. on the topic “Modernization of equipment of shop of catering company” (supervisor – Ph.D., associate professor Gorel’kov D.V.).
All developments of young specialists were recommended for introduction into production, and some have already acquired a certain development and were introduced into the real production conditions of the enterprises of Kharkiv region. The State Examining Board highly evaluated the defense of the bachelor’s degree projects and presented the grades “good” and “excellent”.
The collective of the equipment of the food and hotel industry named after E. Belyaev congratulates the students of mechanics on the defense of diploma projects, wishes success in further professional achievements and waits meeting at the magistracy!