Protection of complex qualification work by graduates of the higher education degree “Master”

In recent years the present of the Kharkiv State University of Food Technologies and Trade has been replenished with new traditions, among which a special place belongs to the performing of complex graduate qualification works by students. Continuing the many-years effective cooperation between the Departments of food and hotel industry equipment named after M.I.Belyayev and nutrition technologies, in 2016-2017 academic year there was an implementation of an innovative educational project, to which, in addition to these Departments, the Department of marketing and commercial activity was involved. Within the framework of the cooperation of the mentioned Departments, a comprehensive qualification work for the graduates of the higher education degree “Master” was prepared on the topic “Complex technical and technological and marketing support of the production and introduction to the market of semi-finished products made from sour milk”. Students Shipko G., specialty 8.05050313 «Equipment of processing and food industries» (scientific supervisor – candidate of technical sciences, prof. Postnov G.), Panchev A., specialty 8.05170112 «Food Technology” (Scientific adviser – doctor of technical sciences, prof. Grinchenko O.) and Kurlyantsev A., specialty 8.03050701″ Marketing” (scientific adviser – doctor of sciences, professor Savitskaya N.)
The prerequisites for the implementation of the project was the course of our state on European integration, which determines the necessity of development and introduction of innovative technologies, deepening of production cooperation, support of domestic commodity makers. It is the implementation of inter-industry cooperation of food industry, restaurant industry and trade enterprises that allows to increase the efficiency of production and trade processes, to provide stable quality and safety indicators of finished products, to meet the growing needs of consumers.
The dairy industry, as the most important branch of the national economy, provides the population of the country with food products that are one of the main sources of protein. Despite the unstable economic situation in the country, among the main factors that determine the dynamics of the development of this market segment, experts note the formation of new categories of food products, the formation of trust in industrial production, the introduction of network format of its sales, deepening of cooperative ties in the triangle “Milk Industry – establishments of restaurant industry – trade”. Dynamic development of all these constituents is possible in the conditions of complex technical, technological and marketing support of production and introduction of new products on the market, which requires a scientific basis.
Under the leadership of leading specialists of the Departments, the students performed a comprehensive technical, technological and marketing support for production and the introduction of new food products on the market – semi-finished product of the cottage cheese as a result of an integrated approach to the processing of dairy raw materials, within the framework of which scientific justification was required by technological parameters for the production of drinking milk, cottage cheese and the so on. The conducted researches were carried out within the limits of two state budget themes and were executed at the request of the branch of PJSC “Yagotinskiy butter plant” “Yagotynsky for Children”.
The rector of the Kharkiv State University of Food Technologies and Trade, professor Cherevko O., the first vice-rector of the University, professor Yancheva L., the head of the educational department Popova A. were invited directly to the protection of the complex qualification work of masters. The joint meeting of the examination boards was conducted by the director of the Institute of Food Technologies and Business, associate professor Serik M., who noted the importance and usefulness of the event and the fact that the implementation of the “education-science-business” cycle is the most effective and promising form of development and introduction of innovative food products.
The protection was held in a solemn setting in the presence of a wide range of distinguished guests, in particular representatives of the Poltava University of Economics and Trade and Kharkiv National University of «KhPI».
Students, future specialists of the branch, thoroughly reported on the results of their own research, confidently answered the questions of members of the SEC, predicted the further development of innovations presented in the complex qualification work. By their report, presentation of the work, formulated conclusions and answers to the questions the graduates clearly demonstrated not only their own high qualifications, but also the feasibility of an integrated approach to the development and introduction of modern innovations in the food and restaurant industry. And absolutely deserved the members of the State Examination Commissions of the three specialties unanimously presented students the highest score – “excellent”, having awarded each of them the qualification level “master” in the corresponding specialty.
During the discussion of the protection of complex qualification work, the thoughts of the university leadership, members of the SEC were heard considering the need to spread existing experience and continue the practice of developing of complex qualifying graduate studies by students of different levels of education and various specialties. It was also established that it is necessary to involve to such protections, which can be considered exemplary, a wide range of students for the purpose of their training and information coverage of the protections that have taken place on the web-sites of KSUFTT, Departments, in the newspaper “Herald of KSUFTT”, etc.