Outdoors classes of gr. GRS-34 at the enterprise “Contact”

Today our group GRS-34 was lucky to visit the trade and technological equipment salon of “CONTACT” enterprise. Director of the enterprise, Veretnik Elena, held a mini-tour for us, in which she described all the equipment used in restaurant and hotel industry, supermarkets, and which can be purchased at the company. The information we have heard is useful and necessary for us, students, who study in the specialty of hotel and restaurant business. “Contact” is a joint Ukrainian-American enterprise with large international connections. The leader of the Ukrainian market of professional and technological equipment for HoReCa.
During the time we spent at this company, we saw a lot about the novelties of such equipment:
– thermal equipment;
– refrigeration equipment;
– mechanical equipment;
– neutral and auxiliary equipment;
– equipment for pizzerias;
– fast food equipment;
– equipment for supermarkets;
– equipment for bars;
– confectionery equipment;
– professional tableware and equipment,
learned about the benefits of the “CONTACT” company. But the most important thing is that at this moment a session is approaching at universities and students write individual works and courses on topics related to different types of equipment and this “outdoors classes” will help us to write our tasks at “perfectly”, because on practice information is assimilated easier and better. Our group is very grateful to the Department of food and hotel industry equipment named after M.I.Belyayev, in particular to Gorelkov D. And Chervonnyi V. – teachers of this Department, for organizing a very interesting, informative outdoors study, which we hope will help us in the future while opening our own hotels, restaurants or supermarkets. Thank you 😀
Authors of group ГРС-34