New monograph “Application of membrane processes in the technology of pectin concentrates”

Монография Гузенко

Kharkiv publishing house FACT presented a new edition of the monograph “Application of membrane processes in the technology of pectin concentrates” made by authors: PhD, prof. Deinychenko G.V.; PhD, prof. Myronchuk V.G.; Ph.D., senior researcher Guzenko V.V., PhD., assis. prof. Maznyak Z.O.; Melnik M.G. The monograph was published according to the results of nearly a decade of research work of scientists working at the Department of food and hotel industry equipment named after M.I.Belyayev.
The monograph is reviewed and recommended for publication by the Academic Council of Kharkiv State University of Food Technologies and Trade.
The monograph considers issues of improving of the production processes of products with pectin (pectin extracts, liquid and dry pectin concentrates) in the food industry enterprises by developing of new equipment and means of its work intensifying. The results of analytical and experimental researches concerning the improvement of extraction processes of pectin compounds and membrane processing of pectin extracts are given. A schematic diagrams of technical equipment for pectin products production with the use of membrane equipment is proposed.
The publication is recommended for use in the educational training of masters and experts of food and processing industry.
The material of the monograph will be useful for researchers and practitioners engaged in the processing of vegetable raw materials as well as for a wide range of readers, whose career interests are related to food technology.