New monograph “Application of membrane processes in the technology of pectin concentrates”

In the editorial and publishing department of the National University of Food Technologies was published a new monograph “Membrane processes in processing technology of after-alcohol grain bards” by authors V. Myronchuk, G. Deinychenko, L. Korniyenko, J. Zmiyevskyy. This monograph was developed by scientists of the Department of technological equipment and computer technologies of design of National University of Food Technologies and Department of food and hotel industry equipment named after M.I.Belyayev of Kharkiv State University of Food Technology and Trade.
The monograph presents results of the research in the application of membrane processes in processing technology of after-alcohol grain bards. Particular attention is paid to study of the contact membrane distillation while processing of after-alcohol grain bards liquid phase, the ultrafiltration as a way of liquid phase cleansing and obtaining of clean water from the liquid phase of ultrafiltrate and reverse osmosis permeate.
The monograph is intended for professionals who work in the field of membrane processes of food industry and can be useful for students, undergraduates, researchers whose research interests are related to the processes of food processing of membrane polydisperse macromolecular systems.