Introductory practice of students of group M-15 FETS in the confectionery factory “Confectioner T Prestige”

June 17, 2016 the students of group M-15 of the Faculty of equipment and technical service of Kharkiv State University of Food Technologies and Trade together with the curator assoc. prof. Chervonyi V. within the introductory practice attended the confectionery factory “Confectioner T Prestige” in Kharkiv.

The confectionary “Confectioner T Prestige”, founded in 1998, today is one of the confectionery enterprises in Ukraine that have the most dynamically development and use as advanced confectionery technologies as traditional recipes of pastries.
How told the representatives of the company at the meeting, all products are manufactured on modern equipment made in Germany, Italy, France and Ukraine, and the consumer is given the range of confectionery products with more than 500 types of puff and dough pastry, cakes, muffins, eclairs, rolls and chocolate candies in the assortment, which is constantly expands. To comply with the quality of incoming raw materials and manufactured products to standards and norms laid down by law, the company has a specialized laboratory.

The company proposed students the opportunity to acquaint with the peculiarities of production lines for the marshmallows making.

Production technology of marshmallow based on pectin includes the following several stages: preparation of raw materials, preparation of mixtures of apple puree with pectin and sugar, cooking sugar-treacle syrup, preparation of zephyr mass, structuring of zephyr mass and drying of marshmallow halves, sprinkling of marshmallow halves with icing sugar and their pasting.

According to the results of enterprise visiting the students had the sustainable idea of production process in confectionery manufacturing, about how to use the equipment for various manufacturing operations, what will allow to better understand the theoretical material on processes and equipment of food industry in the future.

And, of course, at the end of the tour there were degustation and a sweet gift!