Field studies of groups TX-13, TX-23, TK-14, TP-52 at the enterprise “NEO”

October 5, 2016 field studies on the base of trade and fair pavilion of Company “NEO” were held for students of academic groups TX-13, TX-23 of Educational and Scientific Institute of Food Technologies and Business and for students of groups TK-14, TP-54 of the Faculty of Management of trade and business. Studies were held in the cadres of the cooperation agreement between LLC “NEO” and the Department of food and hotel industry equipment named after M.I.Belyayev of Kharkiv State University of Food Technologies and Trade.
Studies were conducted by multi-stage structure. The first part included familiarization with the theoretical aspects of the operation and use of cash registering and weighing equipment for the enterprises of the restaurant industry and trade, the peculiarities of modern cash registers and fiscal registrars individual types. Expanded lecture was given by sales manager of Trade Department Alexey Ramazanov.

The second part was devoted to systems of process automatizing of trading process at wholesale and retail enterprises, to providing of service automation services at the restaurant business institutions, to features of the design and operation of automation systems, to compilation of accounting documents, to problematic of the use of payment transactions.
The third part included familiarization with the practical work of a wide range of cash registers and weighing equipment in trade and presentation hall of “NEO” with obtaining of practical skills of POS-terminals using. Students-technologists and future commodity specialist gained practical skills of work with POS-systems. With practical aspects of automation and the practical use of POS-systems students were familiarized by sales manager and system integrator Kovalenko Denis.

After studies students could view a wide range of commercial equipment offered by “NEO” in the exhibition hall and received detailed advice from employees about specificity of use and design features of some models.
Students with interest treated the information provided, the characteristics of certain types of equipment and their functionality.
The stuff of the Department of food and hotel industry equipment named after M.I.Belyayev thanks the company “NEO” for the opportunity and the high professional level of the studies.