Department`s day for students of the 1st year of DETS

The Department of the Food and Hotel Industry equipment of M.I. Belyaev, Kharkiv State University of Food Technology and Trade, is known by its traditions. Traditionally for the students of the 1st year  the staff holds the event “Department`s Day” to intensify the work with students and  to attach them to the world of science.

Within the celebration of Science Day (April 27, 2016) the department welcomed students of the 1st year of DETS, groups M-15, M-25pr. During the meeting the stuff told the students about the history of the department, its formation and development. Students learned about the publications of the department: textbooks, manuals, methodological literature need for training. The results of scientific research of students and teachers of the department was demonstrated to the  freshmen.

Students had a possibility to inspect the work of the department`s website, its structure and capacity of using in educational and research activities.

The inspection of department`s classrooms with examples of mechanical and thermal equipment used in restaurant industry and directly in the educational process was held.

Vice-rector for educational work of KSUFTT, professor Yesinova N.I. and Head of DETS, assistant professor L.K. Karpenko were invited to the meeting and wished freshmen success in educational and research activities.

The Head of the student government, student of the Faculty of Economics, group MR-32 Kladkevych Catherine addressed to the audience and informed the 1st year students about the system of student government in KSUFTT, which works successfully many years, and invited students to active participation in the educational and cultural activities, aimed at satisfying and protection of social, artistic and other interests, students participation in public life of the university, city and state.

The final stage of the meeting became a friendly treat of students with tea and coffee with specialties.

The department wishes success for  first-year students and invite them to cooperate!