Concluding Scientific Conference of All-Ukrainian competition of student research papers on natural, technical and humanitarian sciences 2015/2016, field of knowledge “Food and processing of agricultural raw materials”

March 10, 2016 the meeting of the sector competition commission of specialty “Equipment of Processing and Food Production” and “Power Engineering” took placein Kharkiv State University of Food Technology and Trade. The competition commission provided a review of 15 student papers received from 10 universities. On the basis of the discussion of evaluation results and the review of scientific papers by the sectoral competition commission, 3 students from 3 high schools were recommend for the discourse at the final scientific conferenceas contenders for the award.
April 7, 2016 in the Hall of theMychailoBelyaevAcademic Council of KSUFTTthe Concluding Scientific Conference on the results of the second stage of the All-Ukrainian competition of student research in the fields”Equipment of Processing and Food Production” and “Power Engineering” was held. The defense of the presented works results took place at the conference.According to the results of defense the rewarding of winners was held. Student of the TaurideStateAgrotechnological University,Sultanova Valentina (supervisor – Samoychuk K.), was awarded with Diploma of the First Degree; student of the Faculty of Equipment and Technical service of KSUFTT,Shustov Andrey (supervisor – Kiptela L.), was awarded with Diploma of the Second Degree;student of the Cherkasy State Technological University,Miroshnichenko Konstantin (supervisor -Batrachenko O.), was awarded with Diploma of the Third Degree. Student of the Sumy State University, Kremnev Alexander, who presented the work”The main modes of vortex granulators of the weighted layer in the food technology”(supervisor -Artyukhov A.), also received a Diploma in the nomination “For the creative approach to the actual problems solvation”.
Congratulations to the winners and leaders, we wish you fruitful work and new scientific achievements!