Carrying out the professional orientation work at the Communal institution “Sanitarium educational complex of Kharkiv №1” of Kharkiv City Council

On November 10, 2016, in the Communal Institution ” Sanitarium educational complex of Kharkiv №1″ of Kharkiv City Council the professional orientation work was carried out by teachers of the Department of food and hotel industry equipment named after M.I.Belyayev. In the meeting with the students of the graduation classes participated: Ph.D., associate professor Dub V., Ph.D., associate professor Dmitrevskyi D., Ph.D., associate professor Gorelkov D., head of the laboratory Solonchuk L., head of student self-government FETS KSUFTT, student of the 2nd year Ostroushko Sergey. The director of the school Karasik O., class leaders and library staff took part in the meeting from the administration of the school.
During the meeting, Associate Professor Dub V. told about the directions of students preparation at the university, the specialties on which the faculty of equipment and technical service of the university trains specialists, introduced the graduates with the new rules for admission of students at KSUFTT, proved changes in the rules of admission of entrants in the higher education establishments of Ukraine in 2017. Associate Professor Dmitrevsky D. told about the technical means of customs control, as one of the professional areas on which trains the Department. The story was made with a demonstration of the work of currency detectors. Schoolchildren watched the equipment work with interest and were able to check the identity of their own documents and pocket money on their own. The head of the student self-government FETS KSUFTT Ostroushko Sergey told about the student’s leisure time and public activity of the students of the faculty and the entire university. At the end of the meeting, associate professor Gorelkov D. told about educational and practical training of students and demonstrated the work of bar equipment, in particular the equipment for the production of fresh citrus juices, with the tasting among all the students present.
Reports were accompanied by commercial videos about the Faculty of Equipment and Technical Services and life of students. Schoolchildren were given the brochures with the rules of admission to the KSUFTT. Graduates were invited to attend the «Open Doors Day» on November 27, 2016.